Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Discount: How to Access Cost Savings and Improve Your Business Operations

If your business relies on Microsoft products, you may be familiar with the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). This agreement offers businesses with 500 or more users a convenient way to purchase Microsoft products and services at a lower cost. It also provides access to exclusive tools and support services that can help improve your organization`s operations. In this article, we will explore the details of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement discount and how you can access these cost savings.

What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?

A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a licensing agreement that allows organizations to centralize their purchases of Microsoft software and services. An EA provides access to a range of products, including operating systems, servers, cloud services, and Office applications. Rather than purchasing individual products, organizations can make a single, consolidated purchase that covers all their Microsoft software and services needs. This simplifies the process of managing licenses, reduces licensing costs, and ensures that organizations have access to the latest Microsoft innovations.

What Discounts does the Enterprise Agreement Offer?

One of the primary benefits of the Enterprise Agreement is the significant discount it provides on Microsoft products. The discount varies depending on the size of the organization, the products and services being licensed, and the length of the agreement. Generally, the larger the organization and the longer the agreement, the greater the discount. Microsoft also offers additional discounts for organizations that commit to purchasing a certain amount of Azure consumption and services, making the agreement even more cost-effective.

How to Access the Enterprise Agreement Discounts?

To take advantage of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement discount, organizations must first sign up for the agreement through a Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP). These partners work directly with Microsoft to help organizations manage their licensing agreements and provide support throughout the licensing process. An LSP can help your organization determine which products and services are most suitable for your specific needs and provide guidance on how to use and manage the software effectively.

Once your organization has signed up for the Enterprise Agreement, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits it offers. These include access to the latest Microsoft products and services, as well as exclusive tools and support services, such as deployment planning, training, and technical support. By consolidating your Microsoft licensing through the Enterprise Agreement, you can simplify your licensing management and reduce overall costs.


The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement provides a cost-effective way for organizations to purchase Microsoft products and services and access exclusive tools and support services to improve their business operations. By signing up for the agreement, organizations can take advantage of significant discounts on Microsoft licensing, making it a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. Contact your nearest Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) to learn more about how the Enterprise Agreement can benefit your organization.